We are project managers. We are engineers. We are plumbers. We are the one-stop shop for all your service engineering needs.

    Our solutions include:
  • Structural Engineering
  • MEP - Mechanical, Electrical ,Plumbing
  • PHE - Public Health Engineering
  • HVAC - Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Safety Engineering
  • IBMS - Integrated Building Management Services
  • Environmental Engineering
  • ECBC - Energy Conservation Building Code
  • Peer Consultancy
  • Project Funding

‘INCI Retrofits’ is a unique and a specialised offering from the INCI Engineering wing.

Here we roll our collective sleeves and get into action with projects - no matter the size - ┬áthat have been marauded by the ‘Sands of Time’or made obsolete over time, but requiring renovation.

INCI Retrofits specializes in medium to large site revamps through a careful study of the status of the site; addressing critical areas including electrical, plumbing, mechanical, sewage, water proofing, rain water disposal, water treatment plants, etc. We adhere to 360° coverage in Environment, Health and Safety standards (EHS) across projects.