Cement. Sand. Steel. This is what you think construction is all about!

Actually, there is something called the heart and soul. We bring that to our construction projects.¬† Our experience goes way back to 2004 when we were known as ‘Avenue Construction Consortium’. We specialize in civil engineering contracts and turnkey projects!

Every vertebra of ours is made up of experts and experienced professionals who add beauty to our genes. Here is what they push for:

  • timely delivery

  • process control

  • right use of technology

  • micromanagement to perfection

  • cost-effective solutions

  • effective documentation

  • quality above all else

This is what makes us deliver exquisitely executed projects.

Our reputation is not known by news reports, but by our work in: Storage, Logistics & Warehousing; Hotels and Restaurants; Hospitals; Large-scale Factories & Industries; Schools & Colleges; Residential Projects & Villas