Best Constructions Company in Chennai

INCI is one of the best Constructions, Interiors Design and Engineering works in Chennai and also in india major cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai our work reputation spread whole India. Ours began in 1992. From here, we grew from strength to strength, to become a multidisciplinary group. With an organizational structure geared to be competitive and effective for projects of any nature and scale.Our emphasis on quality, service and design excellence, gives us an edge in providing solutions from concept to commissioning. Our services include land valuation, survey, feasibility, engineering services, project management consultancy, construction, interiors and execution.

INCI Constructions

Brick and mortar are functional elements in constructions someone who make a vast difference will look beyond. For there needs to be a soul, an idea, and a fine foresight into timeless creations. We strive towards that. It is 12 years to date since we have been in the constructions and project management consultancy business. Formerly known as ACC(Avenue Constructions Consortium) we are proud to introduce ourselves as INCI Constructions- a part of the INCI Group.Our expertise and reputation is built on our benchmark work on cold storages, warehousing and logistics complexes, manufacturing facilities, factories, IT offices, Commercial complexes, Schools & Colleges, Healthcare, hospitality and residential projects.

INCI Green, Clean and Seen

Welcome to INCI Interiors, If you’re into Interiors, chances are you’re heard of us. We’ve developed quite a reputation in the industry over a relatively short period. If we may say so ourselves.Some credit this to our teams of our teams of specialist designers. Engineers and fabricators who complete projects in record time: or our out of the box ideas and meticulous attention to details. Some others believe it is due to our sense of freewheeling with new age designs and technology. They cynics however will have nothing to do with all this. They‘d rather credit our reputation to the state-of-the art factory that is packed with imported machinery and robotic technology.We, however, believe it is due to our relentless passion. Time and again! The way we put our heart and soul into every single project we do! INCI manufactures products of international standard. Right here in India. At the right price. And in the shortest of time scales!The Bottom Line: We take pride in providing end-to-end solutions in the world interiors to create spaces of excellence.

INCI: The Power of Four

  • Our divisions are a testimony to the depth of knowledge we have acquired over the years and how we bring this expertise to the table across every single project.

  • INCI Interiors

  • INCI Has developed a reputation as an on-time, frugal interiors expert by flawlessly merging by interiors of your Space with its external milieu-be it commercial spaces, hotel, hospitals, IT, ITES, retail, educational institutions or even an occasional residential complex

  • INCI Constructions

  • Works on creating an interesting skyline out of thin air-right from imagining and planning to turning it into brick cement and concrete classics

  • INCI Engineering

  • Is into project planning, Structural Design, Electro Mechanical and Public Health Engineering Landscape and Project Management.

  • INCI International

  • Specializes in sourcing material from any part of the world for the interiors projects we execute in India while also providing products solutions for interiors projects worldwide.INCI makes everything from modular commercial applications and fit outs to doors,fu.

Incredible Interiors from INCI

We’ve spent more than two decades in the world of interiors. We make sure shop drawings are provided to architects and interiors designers, thereby adding value to the original blueprint and our meticulous planning. Coupled with our global networking skills, ensures INCI is fully prepared to handle any kind of challenge while on the job. It is this process of planning and fabrication that has won the hearts of our clients across the country.

INCI: The Inside Story

we use the latest technology in our manufacturing. And why is that of Importance to you? Our eco-friendly factory in Chennai houses imported machinery recognized for consistency in quality. Material and time management.We wouldn’t want to bore you with details. But if you’d like to know, the machinery at our works facility includes the hot glue press, cutter, edge banding.CNC router, drilling Machine, Framer, Panel Saw Cutter, Post Forming, Spindle Moulder, Spray Booth… all bearing the names of the best-in-class german and Italian machinery brands.

INCI: Perfection, Pre-Engineered

Our Factory isn’t just about the machinery. Our skilled craftsmen have to only keep a watchful eye on the machine. While the machines do the heavy-duty tasks, our craftsmen get to do what they do best- hone in on their fine and rather special creative skills! To bring you that special touch of class.Finishing everything in the factory is the simplest and the best way to implement interiors. Our Sophisticated robotic machines ensure product finish on par with wolrd-class interiors, INCI experts work on bringing in a seamless integration between the manufacturing facility and on-site activities.

INCI at your Door

Panel, Flush, or Skin, we manufacture all kinds of doors even the frames.So when it’s time to fix it, everything just fits.Panel Doors are made of solid wood-using top quality Teak wood from Burma and Africa.Flush Doors come as solid core or hollow core-finished with veneer, laminate or paint.Skin Doors are available in various types- including semi-solid core and hollow core formats.Door jambs are made with solid teak, MDF or HDF Customized Door Leaves can be made to specifications, without any hardware or finish.

INCI Interiors for IT/ITES

When it comes to your work space, we know the importance of making it look like you mean business.We’ve spent a great deal of effort in making installation as stress-free as possible. And it’s the little things we do, like ensuring all our products are pest-free and fire retardant, that gives us the edge and truly makes INCI. Prof: Ask some of the IT majors such as Polaris and Oracle about our work ethics and schedules….You’ll know you have chosen right!

INCI Interiors for Corporate

We are pretty-versed with commercial spaces.And the speed and precision with which these project have to be executed.INCI Process Controls and industry renowned documentation procedures make it stress-free, Simple and low cost for lifelong integrated building management Systems.

INCI Interiors

We offer turnkey solutions for corporate, banking & financial institutions, insurance companies – especially in pre-fabricated workstations, senior management cabins, boardrooms, reception lounge, etc. We do interiors for large hotel projects, hospitals, healthcare centres, school & college complexes involving state-of-the-art auditoriums, rooms, cafeterias, libraries, smart classrooms and more. INCI customized interiors for auditoriums and highly specialized projects include 100% perfect vision lines, sound isolation, acoustic absorption and noise dissipation, indirect sensuous lighting, and so on.

INCI Interiors for Homes

Your home is your place of solitude. Some even say it’s a reflection of you. Probably why we think it’s a good idea to leave the interiors of your home to the experts.

INCI Interiors for Retail Spaces

Interiors for retail has always been a tough challenge even for the best in the business. The art of developing exacting applications and fit outs within the confined spaces has been mastered at INCI over the years. INCI offers solutions from concept to completion. We will see to it that home interiors harmonize with nature, in as many ways possible, to make everyday living one of joy and fulfilment.

INCI Interiors for Hotels Institutions and Special Projects

We love the challenges that come with some of the special projects involving multi-disciplinary functions and workspaces. INCI customized interiors for auditoriums and highly specialized projects include 100% perfect vision lines, sound isolation, acoustic absorption and noise dissipation, indirect sensuous lighting, and so on…